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Click on the button to pay using your Paypal account or a Credit/Debit Card


If you have problems with making the payment try to split the total amount in two payments and/or to use 2 different cards.
If you are not a Paypal member or you are an Unverified Paypal member you will be subject to the following limits:

- Maximum amount per transaction: 1000 Euro;

- Maximum amount you can pay yearly through Paypal: 1500 Euro.

For Unverified Paypal members: on the internetpage "My account - overview" click on "View limits" to check your sending limit.




Non-U.S. Users: When you open your PayPal account, you will have an initial Sending Limit - the amount of money which you may send with your PayPal account. Once you reach your Sending Limit, you will be required to enroll in the Expanded Use Program or become PayPal Verified before using PayPal to send any more payments. Some users may be required to enroll in the Expanded Use Program before they may send any payments. To view your Sending Limit, if any, log in to your PayPal account and click on the " view Limits" link next to your account balance. Once you confirm an email address, add a credit card, and enter your Expanded Use Number, your account will have an unlimited sending limit. Some accounts, at PayPal's discretion, may have a higher or lower limit before verification. Some transactions, at PayPal's discretion, may not apply towards the limit. Account limits, if any, can be viewed from the "View Limits" link on the Account Overview page.

To obtain your Expanded Use Number, PayPal will charge an Expanded Use Fee to your credit card. You must then log in to your PayPal account, and enter the four-digit Expanded Use Number from your credit card statement associated with the Expanded Use Fee. This fee will be charged directly in the currency of the credit card bill for Visa and MasterCard, as follows: $1.95 USD, $2.45 CAD, 1.00 GBP, 1.50 EUR, 200 JPY, $2.00 AUD, 3.00 CHF, 15.00 NOK, 15.00 SEK, 12.50 DKK, 6.50 PLN, 400 HUF, 50.00 CZK, $3.00 SGD, $15.00 HKD, or $3.00 NZD. If PayPal is unable to determine the currency of your credit card bill, or if PayPal does not support the currency of the card bill, or for any card other than Visa and MasterCard, the fee will be $1.95 USD. After you have successfully entered your Expanded Use Number, you will receive a bonus in the amount and currency of the Expanded Use Fee on the next PayPal payment you send. (This bonus may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your PayPal account balance.) The Expanded Use enrolment will be complete and your sending limit lifted if and when you correctly enter your Expanded Use Number on the PayPal website. If you remove the funding source used to enrol in the Expanded Use Programme, PayPal may require you to enrol in the Expanded Use Programme again.

With the exception of Canadian, British, and German users, your non-U.S. account will be considered Unverified until you have completed the following three steps: (1) Confirm your email address, (2) Add a credit card, and (3) Enter your Expanded Use Number.

Canadian, British and German users can verify their accounts by confirming control of a bank account. Members must add a bank account, complete bank funding and validate their account information.