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Gulf of Naples

The Bay of Naples is - when you are on a boat right in the middle of the Bay - like an enormous filled crater. World famous islands and mountain ranges such as Vesuvius, Capri, Ischia, Monteprocida and Costa Almafitana rise up above sea level and the shoreline like crater walls against the background where equally famous places like Naples and Sorrento sparkle in the sun. 2000 years ago the Romans had already discovered the special situation of the Bay with its particularly mild climate, shown by the numerous archaeological excavations of e.g. Herculaneum, Pompeii and the Villa di Oplonti at Torre Annunziata. These excavations give a thrilling picture of the daily life of the Romans in their houses 2000 years ago. In the immediate neighbourhood there are also well known places like Amalfi, Positano, Caserta and farther away Paestum, as well as the excavations of Cuma. The Bay is so famous that today the biggest cruise ships enliven the spectacle every day. In the middle between the islands and the mainland lies Pṛcida, an island that has not suffered from the effect of mass tourism and has maintained its original character as a village of fishermen, sailing folk and craftspeople. Tourism is clearly on the rise there but the island is - luckily - not suitable for mass tourism. Via a spider's web of ferry connections it is linked to the mainland and other islands, mostly for low fares. Pṛcida with its polyp-like shape, which means the coast is many times longer than the island's average diameter of 5 km, has numerous rocky and sandy beaches and the possibility of the most varied sports.


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