Tuscany is one of the most popular places to visit in a country that is itself one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The first-time visitor to the lands of Tuscany can not but be amazed by the natural symbiosis between landscape and culture, history and the expressive means of architecture and town-planning, the urban and rural dimension, and its patrimony of art, architecture, monuments and museums. There are several reasons to visit Tuscany: some of the most important ones are visiting beautiful cities like Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Pisa or charming town as San Gimignano, Volterra, Cortona, Montepulciano etc., eating Tuscan food and tasting the excellent local wines. Most of the important traditional wine producers are located along the axis formed by Florence and Siena. The most famous region is Chianti along with neighboring Montalcino and Montepulciano. Besides there are many other things you can do, for example, cycling, trekking, golf or go to a health spa. The Tuscany inland is characterized by hills, cultivated fields, farms, parish churches, castles, medieval hamlets. Tuscan mountains: in the Apuan Alps you will ascend into marble cathedrals, but you will also discover the kingdom of Lunigiana, full of enchanted caves and castles. The dazzling white of the quarries on one side and the wild, green valley of Garfagnana on the other. Go to the Casentino forests to discover their monasteries and hermitages along the way where nature is not the only thing to discover. You can be overcome by the triangular heights of Monte Amiata, so lonely, but at the same time full of roe and fallow deer, by mountains embraced in the world&s most famous vineyards or by the wooded Abetone which transforms into pistes for ski lovers in the winter. There are miles and miles of pathways for trekking, mountain biking, skiing, but also for absolute rest. From southern Tuscany you can also easily visit Umbria, a region that has gained a name for being the green heart of Italy. Tourism is growing because of the unfamiliar harmony between nature & historic centres (the landscape is dotted with many picturesque medieval villages). Main places to visit: Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, Assisi, Todi, Gubbio but there are also many charming little towns and villages.The climate in Tuscany is very mild. The most beautiful season is May, September and October. So the main season to travel in Tuscany is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at that time of the year is very beautiful.

Casale Geriglio Siena (Lucignano) apartments 4 4 / 5
Veronica Citta della Pieve

(Umbria/Tuscany border)

apartments 6 2 / 8
Casa Beccaccia S.Donato in Poggio(Florence) House 1 6
Casa Pergolo Pisa (Buti) House 1 8
Casal Cigliegiolo Pisa (Soiana) House 1 6/8
Poggio il Sole Siena (Lucignano) House 1 8
Casal Collemandina Lucca (Villa Collemandina) Villa 1 8
Villa La Querce Pistoia (Chiesina Uzzanese) Villa 1 8/9
Casal Bancospino Siena (Chianciano Terme) Villa 1 8/10
Casale di sotto Siena (Lucignano) Villa 1 8/9
Villa Altana Lucca (Villa Collemandina) Villa 1 8/9
Maria Teresa Lucca (Villa Collemandina) Villa 1 8/9
Villa Aspra Pisa (Buti) House 1 9
Villa Volpaio Pisa (Buti) Villa 1 9
Villa Ippocampo Siena (Lucignano) Villa 1 10
Villa Cipressi Arezzo Villa 1 11
Villa Giuseppe Siena (Radicofani) Villa 1 12
Casale Sillicano Lucca (Sillicano) Villa 1 14
Villa Olivo Arezzo (Cortona) Villa 1 15


Holiday homes in Lazio near the border with Tuscany

Casa Carrozza Bolsena lake House 1 4/5
Casal Gradoli Bolsena lake House 1 6


Holiday homes in Umbria near the border with Tuscany

Casali Anna Rita Pozzuolo

(Castiglione del lago)

apartments 8 2 / 9
Casa vecchio Castagno


House 1 5
Villa Bellavista Montecchio Villa 1 8
Casal Ciclamino Montecchio Villa 1 10
Casal le Pietre Montecchio Villa 1 10
Villa Farina Pozzuolo

(Castiglione del lago)

Villa 1 16
Casal Pozzuolo Pozzuolo

(Castiglione del lago)

Villa or 3 apartments 3 4+6+7